Ankle Sprain

Ankle Sprain

Normal anatomy of the foot and ankle

Ankle injury occurs to a person during sports, walking in an uneven footpath, missing one-step while getting down stairs etc.

Ankle injury management depends on the extent of injury by grade one, two, three. This injury may need 6-10 weeks based on the grade.

Grade one – 6 weeks of support with ankle binder to support the ligament, followed by ankle mobility and ankle surrounding muscle-strengthening exercises. In case of minor injuries we use kinesio tape to support the ligament and followed by strengthening exercises

Grade two – injuries, the management goes with plaster application for 6 to 8 weeks followed by mobility and strengthening exercises

Grade three – Complete tear they may need surgical management followed by Physiotherapy

An ankle sprain is an injury to the tough bands of tissue (ligaments) that surround and connect the bones of the leg to the foot. The injury typically happens when you accidentally twist or turn your ankle in an awkward way. This can stretch or tear the ligaments that hold your ankle bones and joints together.

All ligaments have a specific range of motion and boundaries that allow them to keep the joints stabilized. When ligaments surrounding the ankle are pushed past these boundaries, it causes a sprain. Sprained ankles most commonly involve injuries to the ligaments on the outside of the ankle.

An ankle sprain often occurs when the foot suddenly twists or rolls, forcing the ankle joint out of its normal position. During physical activity, the ankle may twist inward as a result of sudden or unexpected movement. This causes one or more ligaments around the ankle to stretch or tear.

Some swelling or bruising can occur as a result of these tears. You may also feel pain or discomfort when you place weight on the affected area. Tendons, cartilage, and blood vessels might also be damaged due to the sprain.

Ankle sprains can happen to anyone at any age. Participating in sports, walking on uneven surfaces, or even wearing inappropriate footwear can all cause this type of injury.

You may have a sprained ankle if you notice the following symptoms in the ankle:

  • swelling
  • tenderness
  • bruising
  • pain
  • inability to put weight on the affected ankle
  • skin discoloration
  • stiffness